Is the POC part of cengage sufficient?

I am not quite good at practical organic chemistry. I don't know properly all the functional tests etc.

So is Cengage organic + NCERT sufficient for POC ?

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Cengage organic part 1 and part2 plus ncert is best for mains and advanced organic syllabus both plus buy ms chauhan advanced problems for practice

Sorry but I had asked something specifically for POC, not entire organic.

POC and every organic follow ks verma i told you

@deep_2020 I would recommend you cengage for the POC par.. so basically what's in your head is quite sufficient for POC. Advanced problems by MS Chouhan is one good book for practicing problems in POC. Why I said it is mainly because unlike other organic chemistry parts, POC requires a lot of practice to get into it. It seems very simple but actually is not that simple if you read deep.

I would recommend not to spend a lot of time in this, because you don't need a hell lot of POC, but yeah, get into the main reactions, practice questions and remember practicing reactions as often as possible!

Do let me know if you have any doubts.

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