Is mechanisms of reaction there in CBSE board syllabus?


I want to know if reaction mechanisms are asked in CBSE


@Vimlesh_Vijayvergia Yes they do, but specifically the reactions present in NCERT(Can't help if CBSE plans to change plans this year)

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There are just 2-3 mechanism of reactions mentioned in NCERT. For eg: dehydration. Go through them and have good command as those reactions are respectively asked in board examinations


Yes, reaction mechanisms are often asked in board exams like sn1,sn2,dehydration reaction mechanisms but their marks weightage is usually low ranging from about 3-5 marks.


CBSE usually asks mechanism of reactions but they are specific only about those mentioned in ncert and the marks weightage is also less but they may surprise you so it's better to prepare with them for scoring a good score.


Mechanisms are not asked in board as questions frequently.But the knowledge of mechanisms is required to solve many questions asked in board exam.Every line in ncert is important.So make sure you understand all mechanisms and you remember well!

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You should learn all the mechanism specially those which are there in NCERT Book whether is SN1,SN2,Hydration, Halogenation...etc.

CBSE asks these mechanisms. You can always expect mechanisms in board exams.
Don't worry too much as the example that is to be explained with mechanism is generally very easy.

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