Is it worth to take a jee drop or it is better to continue btech in tier 3 college?


Is it worth to take a jee drop or it is better to continue btech in tier 3 college and doing masters in abroad which is the best one to be choosen ?


Depending on what you want to do.. I mean your career goals..

By the way, by tier-3, you mean colleges.,

If i guess, u might mean, private engineering colleges.

By the way, even after taking 1 year drop, there is a possibility but not guaranteed to get selected in IITs etc..

Whichever engineering college you choose, better to choose the branch of your interest...

Good Luck :crossed_fingers:


It all depends on your capability, if you think your basics are strong and you will be able to cover up 11 and 12 both in one year and you will stay focused and calm during preparation time then you should surely go for drop.
Many people find it boring too study during drop year and they leave studies, if you are in that category, then you should definitely focus on your higher studies


I would like to put my opinions here:
I would never recommend drop to anyone if you are getting into the an okayish or good colleges, I suggest you don't even think of taking drop. I myself have taken drop but I will never suggest anyone.
I believe there are a lot of things to do ahead in life and doing the same things one more year may get you fed up.
Also before thinking of drop just keep in mind that college alone won't decide your future. A good college may give a headstart but there are people who do better otherwise too.
Also, if you take a drop, do give your best :blush:


If you feel that you can handle the pressure of preparation for one more year without giving up I suggest you to take a drop as there are many cases of improvement in drop year.Study hard and smartly this time and you have good chances of getting into a tier 1 college however it may not be true.So you can also continue b. tech in tier 3 college and get good recognition in your respective domain.


Hi rahul
well it all depends on whether you feel that u could have done better at you current stage of preparation but somehow could not perform optimally.Or you have a very definite area in your mind on which you could have improved to perform better then only go for a drop.

On the other hand if you could please clarify on what colleges can u currently go to on your score and what are your expectations from a college i could help you better.



Going for drop is like Jumping in a dark pit, you don't know what is beyond the dark. Either you will end up cracking the exam or you might ending up with the same results. I have many friends of mine with both scenarios.
If you believe that you are need a bit more of hard work to crack the exam, then go for it.
As you wanted to do MS in abroad, I have really good suggestion for you, - If you pursue enginerring from a govt. institution then you will get much wider exposure to research activities during your undergraduation and get recommendations from respected proffesors in their fields. BUT if you do it from a private institute , you might have to struggle in getting LORs and doing some credible research work because get an admission in foreign universities is hard nut to crack.

I would just say that after taking a decision , have a 100% beleif in it.
Good Luck!


Hey. Being a dropper myself,I think I'm in a best position to answer your question.
Ever since I started coaching (left for kota)after 10th , I always dreamt of getting into iit since I didn't had any family members (background) who studied in such a prestigious institution, I wanted to be the first one. My first jee attempt was in year 2017 in which I cleared mains (with decent rank) but couldn't make it to iit. I was very much affected with the results and trust me ive seen my bad days in that period. I was left with the dilemma of joining a new NIT or taking a drop. My family supported me throughout that phase I was going through. Finally I took it to my third year of preparation, took a drop, started preparing in kota itself (yes, again:') ). My mom shifted with me for a year in kota and with a decent amount of hardwork I succeeded (JEE2018) and I'm here sitting in iit Bombay in my room writing this answer for you. Many of my friends who joined other private/state govt colleges or in some NIT's/IIT's who cleared in their first attempt appreciate my efforts and my decision. Im in my second year now and I miss all my jee preparation days in kota. Life was taught, memories were created, a much learning experience for me in my repeat year. So, work hard , be humble and enjoy the process, whether you clear jee or not you'll learn many things in life( in this repeat year) which you'll always cherish in future. I would be v happy if you don't give up and go for one more year and joinea better college next year. Cheers:')