Is going to KOTA a better option than studying in my hometown(in resonance Allahabad)?

I am a class 10 student and currently studying i resonance allahabad .i am quiet ambitious and aspire to clear kvpy.due to lack of competition in my centre ,i do not see myself improving.
there is no competitive environment in my centre and none aspires for clearing olympiads throughtout all tests conducted in class 9 and 10 my centre rank has always been among top 3.
I have consulted various YCCP students in my centre and they had said that the new chemistry teacher couldnt teach oraganic.Due to lack of competition i have missed various opprotunities this yearbut no regrets I seek forward to clear kvpy and grab various opportunities in the forthcoming and therefore deek for your advice in this reagard.I fear that the ambience and environment in kota ends up putting bad effect on me.Please reply @Churchil_2018

The level of competition in kota is really high for sure , but that’s what you needed right ?!
There are endless possibilities on what all can happen. Maybe if you’ll stay in your hometown due to lack of competition you might lazy up a lit bit and end up loosing something which was else wise easily under your belt . On the other hand the pressure at kota may also backfire you.
See , basically what i am trying to say is there are pros and cons of each decision you make, so only you can judge properly what kind of temperament do you have !
Do you have the power to work under extreme competition and pressure (in reference to kota) , Or, can you work hard even if you see that with your minimal efforts also you are scoring good among your peers ( in reference to your hometown )

So finally it’s really upto your nature, your mindset that can lead to the decision that which of these will be better for you . It simply can’t be generalised to be honest that which of these will be a better option


I agree to what @Shwetanshu_2018 bhaiya says. It depends upon what you really need.

You can stay at your place, get good materials to study, ask queries and doubts in many platforms which are available nowadays. But, you won't get much incentives to push yourselves provided you are in the top there. And yes laziness is waiting for you...

If you wan't to know about Kota, then I must say you that it is not that you'll get good competition everywhere. Only in some batches in coaching institutes, which nurture students from below-class 11 get all the good things (usually). And some interested and hard-working students from low batches are more or less kept as fee-payers, and get depressed due to very less progress. It can happen the other way too. You can work hard, do what exactly is needed for competitive exams and don't superimpose your way of studies what you did it till class 10. For this you can consult teachers and ask them for a way ahead. They are quite supportive if you show good interest. And this is the factor which is mostly lost due to friends, distractions and this list goes long....

So, decide wisely......



@Anupam_2022 Thanks for thinking of me, worthy enough to answer your queries.

Well, as the other mentors have pointed out it depends ultimately on your temperament where you are landing at. But, I have a different perspective to this issue. What I personally feel is that, excellence and not competition is what makes you successful in something. So basically, keeping aside the class tests, or the weekly tests that happen in the coaching institute, whats your performance in the All India Tests that are conducted by Resonance? See, what I wanna say, is look at what you score in the test, and not what rank you are getting amongst the peers who surround you. Getting a great score, still having a less rank, doesn't mean you are failing, and so, getting a superb rank with low score doesn't make you a goo student either.

So, I will not say that going to kota wull be beneficial for you, if you are seeking this perspective of competitive environment. What I personally felt was, in the absence of any cut-throat competition, you are less troubled and more relaxed to carry on with your studies.

So everything boils down to the question regarding the quality of teaching you will be getting over the place you are currently studying. That's something that matters a lot. So, if you feel that teaching is not good there, I will recommend you to get into Resonance at Kota, or Sri-Chaitanya, where you can get good teachers to study under, and at the same time, providing regular assessments to you, to keep track of your performance in terms of what you score, and not whats your position. See, I know, the more the grandeur of coaching institute, more they will try to put pressure, but its your job to handle it all and study freely.

Also, if you are comfortable at your place, with the environment of your home city (which matters a lot), then it depends, that if you can study much on your own, and don't have to rely much on the teachers for every single answer, then you can fetch some online materials to study the parts that are not well covered in your coaching institute, and ask you doubts in forums like this!

Always remember, assess your performance from what marks you get, and not what position you are having in the class. Good luck to you!

Do let me know if you have any queries.


@aashish_2019 will better answer
As he is from Allahabad

According to my knowledge resonance Allahabad is very bad and it gives very bad results in jee advanced.
If you are willing to stay in Allahabad get best option would be FIITJEE.

Thanks a lot .it was really helpful.
One more question ,how did you prepare for jee. Did you join any coaching while in lucknow?
Btw how is the environment at IIST. Are studies more dynamic and interactive qt IIST unlike most colleges where everything is theoritical.
Looking forward for your answer.

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thanks a lot.

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thanks for answering my query.
Btw did you give KVPY?if you did then please recommend me some good books for mathematics.
Also how did you prepare for JEE
keen for your answer

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