Is diseases of eye and their correction in jee main syllabus?

Have questions been asked so far from this topic?

I don't think it is a part of syllabus...even if it is there,the chance of question to be asked from that part is very low..imo it is one of those safest options to skip!

No it isn’t there in the syllabus !

@Hritik_2020 now yu may safely skip this topic without thinking twice!

Also do questions from scattering come? There is a paragraph about scattering in ncert

I have seen a direct question from this part in JEE mains...just a straightforward one based on Rayleigh scattering! (Just that it is proportional to 1/lamba^4)


Yeah scattering questions are a part of JEE Mains only... and Even in State entrance tests like Mh-CET they are sometimes asked.