Is David Morin's Classical mechanics good for JEE physics?


Is it good for theory purposes?


classical david morin is really olympaid level book and really good for problem solving contain very deep question.. @Updesh_2020


As my personal opinion I don't recommend This book for JEE advanced. It is for Olympiad. Olympiad and JEE level/syllabus are very different. So don't go with this. For therory U can go with (university physics for JEE).


So can you suggest me some good book for theory for JEE physics.

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actually physics is conceptual you really dont need to much theory book according to me resnick and halliday is very good book for theoritical physics...
@Azimuddin_2019 sir , @Viram_2019 sir and @arush_2019 sir can help you better..


University physics is best book conceptual. It is written by Nitin jain(Vibrant academy HOD) .I also read this book at my jee time.


David Morin is a no no, if JEE is kept in kind. Although, easier versions of some relevant problems from Morin can be found in standard JEE books like HC Verma (yes, you read that right.), BM Sharma and Resnick Halliday (Walker).

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I will suggest you HC Verma for reading physics and related stuff, the reason being its really simplified and provides you the insight into the problems very clearly. HC Verma seems to be the best book. If you re at any coaching, follow the teachings nicely and you will have a solid conceptual grip. Physics, till the level of JEE, correctly as per @Sneha_2021 doesn't require a lot of theory its just understanding the phenomenon.

I would not recommend you books like Cengage or Halliday as they are really a lot and you don't need that much for physics. Its just understanding and practicing questions. You can solve some coaching modules and JEE archives for solid grip in any subject. DC Pandey could be a book if you wanna read a lot, but I don't think if you have joined any good coaching, you need to study this much, practicing questions and thinking is more beneficial.

Do let me know if you have any doubts.

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No, you should not refer this book for your preparation purposes ,it's a good book for iitjam and other msc level examination.
Instead you can refer to:
Hc Verma
Fundamentals of physics by resnick walker and halliday
Topic wise solved Jee papers.

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