Is coaching material enough if I am targetting only jee mains?

I am a student of aakash classroom program.. Is aakash modules,assignments,question banks enough If my goal is only jee main not advanced?

If any extra books needed please do mention it (specifically for JEE MAINS)

If JEE MAIN is only your concern and if you sincerely complete aakash modules , then nothing else is required .

Also have a look at the past year papers

Bhaiya, should I refer other books like I am having:
4.TMH COMPLETE MATHS FOR JEE MAINS.. Should I use these books also.. or there is no need of it.

I am targetting 270+/300 in jee mains will be able to get that... I am confused a lot although I am a very good student who has been in top 3 in my coaching... please reply in this regard