Is anyone giving ISI and CMI?


I was wondering if someone from goiit is giving either of these....
It would be great to discuss some previous year questions as the solutions arent available on the net..


Bro. I wanted to appear for both and almost filled the form. Backed out on last time. Nevertheless share the problems and i would be glad to help.


they are available

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@Pratik_Sinha not for the recent papers, only for the 2014 and earlier

@Anmol_Agarwal Bro, are we to treat y as a constant and check for every option?


Nope bro. X is a variable and Y is a parameter to determine maxima.
Exactly @Gaurav_Agarwal

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Okay, so now I get it.... y will automatically be the value (for whatever x) such that the term maximizes itself... Thanks man :grimacing::grimacing:

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I tried this by induction,though posible, it would not be a presentable proof, I'm looking for other ways...
@Anmol_Agarwal @Amay_2018 @Unik_2018 @Pratik_Sinha


Oops didnt read ur statement.

Write the formula for tann(theta) and you will get it.


tan(nx)= \frac {^nC_1tanx-^nC_3tan^3x+......}{1-^nC_2tan^2x.....}
Prove that lower term is odd.

You might want to learn all the general expansion formulas especially for ISI-CMI @Gaurav_Agarwal

BTW what makes you say that proof using PMI aren't presentable or acceptable? They are widely regarded as a general approach towards generalization. @Gaurav_Agarwal


What about odd?

Edit : Got it.... tantheta will be even and odd-even = odd
(actually this is exactly what I did in induction too, using recursion formulae)

@Anmol_Agarwal @Unik_2018 Thanks for your help... :grimacing::grimacing:
@Anmol_Agarwal Will surely take a peek on them before appearing, thanks...:wink:


See the denominator
The terms other than 1 will be even no.
Addition of 1 will make it odd number.


@Anmol_Agarwal Im uploading the papers, hang in...

(Don't feast at my responses, I changed many during final check while filling the omr)


I just looked at UGB @Gaurav_Agarwal and i gotta say most of the questions seem easy if you prepared for RMO ever. I could've scored cent percent in UGB on a lucky day of no silly mistakes.
Q.2 of UGA is oral.

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@Anmol_Agarwal Bro , I did 6 +2/3 questions... Out of which in one i'm not entirely sure if I did it right... I havent prepared for RMO ever (got the taste of competition in my 12th)... Though, I did study a little bit of maths and physics because I liked it...

sadly, I couldnt upload CMI's papers as they were taken back...

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@Gaurav_Agarwal How much do you think you'll score?
I would place a safe bet on my score being (if made a serious attempt)
UGA-100+ UGB-65+
And cutoff should be around 75(UGA) and 40(UGB).
@Gaurav_Agarwal 105 is a great score. You would clear in 99% scenario.
I'd really like to say, a great score Bro. You are really too smart!


@Anmol_Agarwal Honestly, I did not think of how much I'd score... I do not usually after giving exams, just increases anxiety. I regard results day as a jackpot, win or lose.

If I place a safe bet, I should score 55+ (give or take some marks) in UGA and 50+ in UGB. Also I cannot match the answer key because I did find calculation mistakes in the final check while filling the one which I corrected...

All in all I may get in by 5-6 marks or be left out by the same. Luck.

Moreover, what I'm really thinking about is the interview, b/c I'd be compared with Inmo and rmo awardees, for 60 seats... Those guys rattle theorems which a simple guy like me hasn't even heard of.

@Anmol_Agarwal bro I've heard that cutoffs are nearly 115-120


Are you guys giving isi or cmi ???l


Nope ... But would love to solve their questions !
What about you ? @arush_kumar_singh


Never thought about it to give these exams and as like @Mayank_Chowdhary like to solve questions.


From where should we prepare for its subjective test??
I haven't ever read theories and proofs seriously ??

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