Is Aakash Study materials good enough for JEE?

Hello Sir/Madam,
I have joined aakash for one year classroom course for JEE 2021 this year. There are many opinions that study materials of aakash are not upto the mark. I want to know whether it is sufficient for JEE preparation or Should I buy something else?

While I haven't heard of any high opinions of Aakash study materials, the best judge would be you yourself. Do you find the questions easy, and don't need much effort to solve them? Then they are not up to your mark. Otherwise, keep solving them until you complete it, or they seem too easy.(After learning the theory well, of course).

At least, this is what I would do to judge the quality of a material.

Hey.. The materials are very easy according to me.. but our faculty say it is enough for jee... I am a topper from beginning... I was one among top 15 in my 10th board exams... In every test I am able to do exceptionally well.. But I fear that my performance couldn't be repeated in JEE 2021 as the questions given in modules and tests are easy... I have only my modules and Arihant classic text series... I'm solving HC verma also.. Should I solve any other books?? If any refer me.. also I have arihant for math..
And other thing is I missed qualifying KVPY by 0.25 marks last year... that too with no coaching... I was able to perform well... no doubt on my ability... Doubt is on the study materials of aakash which I'm solving in 2020

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If you find it easy, solve it only to have a basic grasp on the topic.
For physics, I personally solve Shashi Bhushan Tiwari (McGraw Hill) in addition to my fiitjee modules. For maths arihant/cengage
is fine.

PYQs are also very important, solve them multiple times.