Is a dropper eligible to appear for KVPY?


A few months back I was unaware (actually I was aware but I didn't care much back then)
Then I got to know about the benefits associated and now I want to know
Is a dropper (passed class 12 not opting for college)
Eligible to appear for KVPY

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Sorry bro but no Droppers are not eligible for KVPY. Are you planning on taking up Pure Science courses, then I'd advise going for it in your first year itself. :slight_smile:

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So what extra benefits you gotta know about KVPY? @Yash2


Only if you have formally joined a college in your drop year, you can apply for kvpy else not.
Sorry for this!


@Anjali_arora didi I wanna know what are the benefits of being a KVPY scholar (except the feeling that I cracked KVPY) I mean if i am not interested in research work. Then? Is there anything like scholarship or something outside of IIsc


It gets you admission to IISC Bangalore, right?
It is one of the premier institutes which has a huge name even outside India. In the world rankings, it is the first one from India. Research facility is pretty amazing and the college has a great name so if you do research there and then move out for higher studies, you have a great chance! Students from IITs and BITs want to go to IISC for summer research! :slight_smile:
research is the key though!


Bro you can get various scholarship during admissions in coaching institute/colleges, perfect for showing that you have interest in research
And many individuals counselling held by prestigious institution IIIT Hyderabad etc consider kvpy for admission


for being eligible for sitting in kvpy you should either be in 11,12 or first year student of any institute.
droppers cannot apply for kvpy in the year they have taken drop,but you can surely appear in your first year if you will be enrolled in the following courses;


If you are in the first year of your college only then you can apply for kvpy but you have a good chance in JEE MAINS and ADVANCED. If you are not eligible focus in one direction only and you can reach the prestigious IITs and NITs.