In what order should I study these? (fiitjee gmp, review packages etc.)

I currently have

  • fiitjee jee main review packages

  • fiitjee jee advanced review packages

  • fiitjee gmp

  • mains and advanced past year papers (archive)
    In what order should I solve these in order to avail maximum benefit from them? I have solved parts of archive and jee mains and I am confused how to go about them...

@Shwetanshu_2018 even i am in a similar crisis pls help

Good first complete chapter packages and archive mains and then advanced.After completing two three chapers of per subject solve mains review package,then advanced. Try to complete while completing syllabus or otherwise it will be huge if you plan to do after completion of syllabus.

Solve review packages along with archive, and then go for gmp .

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