In JEE Main Jan, I scored 95.45 percentile. Need help to improve score

In mains JAN edition i scored 95.4524467 percentile the worst performance
I analysed my test almost scored 50% more at home
I got 99.2984091 in CHEMISTRY .
I got 94.2619374 got in MATHEMATICS less attempts due to over cautious attitude .
I got 89.9366692 in PHYSICS just messed it up dont know WHY i got scared tired at end
after the jolts many cracks have appeared in my preparation of physics (forgeting formulas which was not usual before )
EVERYONE tells me to forget advanced
in physics (negative + less attempts) and maths (less attempts) attempts in problem solving were less due to getting over cautious having done all papers of mains 2020 i get a score of 187-190 but i fluttered in paper . allll videos of youtube tell me that i may not do well in advance exam not on mains .... but........... 4 years justification:no_mouth:

Hey Rachit .
Well it happens ,i can understand the pressure in the exam hall, this same thing happened to me in exam hall in Jee mains January.
As you stated , you scored 50% more at home. So your exam temperament is not quite good.
Try to give maximum amount of mock tests at home, with ideal exam hall environment .

Give this CAPS series a watch , quite nice as i remember .

Feel free to ping me for any queries !


past papers of mains ?? or some other source
our coaching VMC has scheduled too few tests in view of BOARDS I don't have my pat or any online test series should i buy it ?? ( expensive it seems 10000 for 2 months )
or any books pls suggest

bhaiya pls share a strategy for jee advance
like based on my percentile or something

@pratyaksh_2019 and @Shwetanshu_2018 pls guide

You can buy Allen major test. It cost around 1000 (if you have pc and u can give it at your home ) , otherwise CBT cost around 3000 bucks .

You can give past year papers and also mock tests online .
I had Allen online test series . You can buy the major test series for mains , it is great.
Don't know about my PAT , But yeah 10k is quite high .
With allen major test series you get 10 tests with All india open tests also , which would give your performance comparasion with CBT students.


Need a bit of background.
Which Books are you following and what had been your preparation status wrt Advanced , like syllabus completetion, % marks in mock tests etc ..

@Rachit_2020_3 You replied right ?, Can't see your posts .
Can you reanswer the questions in previous post of mine