I'm looking for a advanced level problem book(JEE relevant) in physics

I'm looking for a advanced level problem book(JEE relevant) in physics ,like vikas gupta's book advance problems in mathematics balaji publication.
I do not require theory just a collection of good questions.

Irodov would be your best bet, at least for mechanics and electrodynamics.
If you want a more challenging book, go for Pathfinder for Jee and olympiad physics, by pearson. However, be warned, these questions are extremely tough, you would spend half of your time sweating, even of your preparation is very good.

For clearing basics or for doing elementary level questions you can first practice from hc Verma.
Then for doing high level sums you can refer irodov , or Cengage books or you can join resonance or any coaching dlpd course, they also have advanced level problems.

As you mentioned you want a book just for advanced level questions practice, I would suggest you to buy "physics for JEE ADVANCED " by NV sir published by MOTION. This book contains high level thinking problems and is best if you use it between April jee mains and jee advanced gap.


Thanks, I did not know about this one!

For advance physics book you can try of ss krotov the famous and for electrodynamics you can try Griffith electrodynamics it is the best book I ever saw in electrodynamics.

2)morin and david
For electrodynamics 1)Griffith

You may prefer book the pathfinder for JEE advanced by arvind tiwari and Sachin Singh.

Sir, what is your review on physics problem for jee advanced by shashi bhushan, tmh publication.

If you want an advanced level problem book you can go for IE IRODOV but some portions in it are not relevant for IIT JEE. So you can go for pathfinder by pearson publications. Solve only the first two exercises as only they are relevant for JEE and the last two are relevant for Olympiads.

if you want pdf of the book then i can give

Buy cengage books specially for each topic like electromagnetism, electrostatic, it covers all the cases and nice problems

Plz post link of that book. Plz also give your view on that book in terms of difficulty level.

which book os published by NV sir
can u tell the name

@Nik_2020[Shashi_Bhusan_Tiwari]Problems_in_Physics_II_for(z-lib.org).pdf (34.4 MB)


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Thanks for part 2
Can you provide part 1of this book.

For basics of JEE Advanced and complete JEE Mains Physics
Refer to the Anurag Mishra series
It has a vast number of questions covering every topic

For advanced,I E Irodov would be your best bet
and if you still have time I'd recommend Pathfinder by Arvind Tewari