I need help to find the books to crack jee in top 1000 rank

I am in 12th (date is june-19) how can i study from scratch, from these books

  1. i have cengage jee advanced for maths and physics 2nd!!!!! 2nd edition!!!!!! second edition!!!!! and not 1st edition (before u talk about errors in book tell me some errors in cengage as example)

Subject wise i will tell you -

1)physics - NCERT
Cengage for jee main and jee advanced
H.C verma
D.C .pandey (those five books)
Principles in physics (indian version)

  1. Mathematics - R.D. Sharma 11th and 12th
    Objective R.D Sharma (to strengthen my concepts)
    Cengage for jee main and advanced

  2. Chemistry - NCERT
    Physical RC mukhrjee
    Organic morryson boyd (indian version) and L.G. Wade
    Cengage jee main and jee advanced.
    Organic problems M.s chouhan.
    for inorganic chemistry problems i don’t have one.
    for physical chemistry cengage jee advanced.

I have these books plz guide me


Those are a lot of books, my friend. I doubt if you'll have time to study from all these books. Also, studying everything from scratch has no meaning, you shouldn't want to study Unit & Dimensions and/or Logarithm at this stage of you JEE journey.

Now, if I were to suggest for Physics: Use H.C. Verma, Cengae & NCERT. Make notes from different books to assure that you're not missing on any concept. Then practise problems from HCV and Cengage. It's more than sufficient for JEE (if done consistently & properly).

For Maths, I have no experience with any of the books except Cengage Trigonometry, which is by far mosty suited for trigonometry after RD Sharma. I did (and do not use) not used any of those books, so a mentor can help you, probably.

For Chemistry,you have the right books. You just need to sit and study now.

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Brother just trust in yourself and start. We usually waste most of our time thinking about which book to follow and when we actually start we realise that its too late. I will say that you have some of the best books recommended and follow them line by line. I believe that just do one standard book per subject but complete it in such a way that all the concepts and questions in that book are on your fingertips. Don't misunderstand me.... I don't want to say that you mug up all the questions..... I think you understood what I wanted to say.... So all the best and I believe that you would definetly be successful :blush::blush:

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Main thing is practice..

Start with the solving question of NCERT and JEE-MAINS level.., where ever you face difficulty, mark those questions, go through the books, clear your concept and go further.., this would be better than going through the theory in different books.., once you build some good confidence, can shift to advance level problems..

Good Luck..!

You need determination and focus more than you need books for getting a rank in top 1000. Don't go for too many books as you'll eventually end up wasting time and doing nothing productive.
Choose one book in each subject and just get going.
Buckle up and work hard as much as you can.

All the best

I am also in class 12 like u. From my experience DC Pandey, cengage maths , ms Chauhan for organic, n avasthi for physical and ncert for inorganic. This is more than sufficient for me and I am sure for u as well

Good books are do necesaary and as per your mentioning i can see you have them but, books dont play as major role as you do in solving them its almost last week of august now! Believe me you have great book now have a great schedule complete them day by day , you do need to have a long term goal for the exam but the smalls goals are equally necessary put your daily efforts you just say yourself i daily invest my required time no matter what happens. You can even party or play game if you wish but only after you are completing the assigned work of the day, this is the simplest way to achieve the height you are aiming for integration of daily work will definitely land you in the top 1000 rank.
All the very best.

for phyics i suggest you to be thorough with hc verma and then try problems from cengage.

for mathematics cengage is a good choice for problems.

For inorganic and organic chemistry you must be thorough(cram) each and every line of NCERT and then look for additional books.

For physical chemistry i suggest you to solve RC mukherjee and p bahadur.