I need a Revision strategy for JEE-MAINS 2020


Dear Friends,

I am in 12th class

My target is only JEE-MAINS and CBSE.

So far i have covered around 75-80% syllabus somehow

Remaining, i am targeting to complete by 22nd October…

What should be the revision strategy…

Should I solve 1 jee practice paper from past year or any test series every 3 days…, do the analysis for 2 days and then solve the next paper?

Or please suggest any other better ideas

Thanks very much


I think you have made an excellent strategy. Your syllabus will be nearly completed by the end of the October which is already a great sign and will help you stand ahead of others.
Once you have completed your syllabus the most crucial part of cracking any competitive exam is attempting more and more test series and mocks. But merely attempting do you no good. Meticulously analysing your test and finding you weak areas are the signs of a ranker.
Focus on your weak areas, read books if you need a deeper understanding, and don't forget to attempt previous papers.
My mentors always said that always prepare for a tougher exam instead of which you are deciding to prepare. So i would suggest you to attempt numerical type Jee advance questions( bcoz of the new pattern). Rest, you know your stuff.


So I think that solving one paper daily from 9-12 or whatever be your slot on real exam day is very beneficial,and this also helps a lot during exams. Regarding revision, you should revise your weak points, questions you would have marked while solving a particular chapter, and write the formulae of that particular chapter and see how much you remember . And don't forget to solve previous year problems as well.

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Hi @vikas_2020,

I suggest you to now start solving papers in limited time duration almost like three times in a week (say Monday, Wednesday, Friday). Sit in your room and create a exam environment and genuinely attempt the mock JEE papers of different institutes till mid December. This will help you increase the speed in question solving under pressure of time which is a very crucial thing during exam. And after giving the paper calculate your marks and then pick all the questions from the paper which you made wrong or left and even those questions which you guessed and made right. Analyse the questions and your mistakes the same day and discuss all your doubts either here with us or with your teachers. And rest of the days in the week you can continue to study the rest of syllabus left of yours or revising the which already done. Then I suggest you also to focus on last year papers as well. Analyze the pattern of questions asked and weight-age of portions which will help you. Then I will also say to you if possible the days you are not writing exam either to solve at least 50 questions of JEE MAINS level or 30 questions JEE ADVANCED level per subject to improve your speed as well as you will cover almost all kind of variations in a topic also don't linger on practicing a single topic for a long duration.

All the best!!!


Whatever you have planned sounds really great :+1:t2: but make sure to solve the questions you weren’t able to solve in the question paper in those 2 days and also keep a day in a week or two when you’ll revise those papers which you have solved previously!


Happy to see your progress...and the mentors have already listed out all the important points to follow. Just wanted to point out one thing.... definitely analysis part after attempting the paper is the most important..but i feel 1 full day will be enough for the analysis...this can save you one extra day for revision!


You are going good but I want to tell you solve past 20 year jee main paper and do the analysis of the paper. Find mistakes—>go through your notes—>solve questions related to the mistakes from sheet,DPP (from any where). Then go to next year paper definitely marks will increase.
Best of luck.