I live and study in a city where there is no competitive environment. Need guidance


I live and study in a city where there is no competitive environment .I study in a local coaching which gives best results in the city but there is no competitive environment in my batch and in my whole coaching.I just can't see where do I stand ?I see no one around me who is as serious as me regarding jee preparation .it has been one year since starting of 11th now I am in 12th I found myself just studying studying and studying .I enjoyed study a lot in beginning but now after one year my mind says to give up my jee preparation.how long can I continue alone? I can't know if I am improving or moving down .I haven't joined any of the all india test series due to shortage of money .I am very very depressed. I need motivation?


There are many free test series available online and also get all the jee papers and solve them one by one with 3 hrs timer running on one side then analyse yourself after the time ends and also many free papers are also there for practice give your utmost sincerity in them and put your marks from the each year paper and get your rank at all india level it might boost your confidence also if you are bored in between try doing a topic u love to do it also increases self confidence


Hi Nishant,
I want to tell you that “do not give up” don’t bother about environment you yourself can create environment if you want. When you feel low think why you have started this journey .It will boost your preparation.
Now for knowing your level you should solve old jee problems that will give you confident you can get questions on internet .Do do think about other think about yourself and go ahead.
Best of luck


Thank you @ Aniket_1 sir and @ Shaquib for your valuable guidance .
Yes I do give a lot of online tests and test in my coaching
In all the tests I end up scoring around 270-280 out of 360
For last 5 months there is no growth in my score
I have never touched 300 a single time?though I am trying very hard
Every time I see a constant score


See, consistency is good but improvement is the rule of nature keep on trying never stop it may not happen now but maybe it happen u touch 300 directly on the jee day.
Good luck with your journey ahead and i hope you get a great rank


hi nishant i just want to add some more points to the above answers
1.Since you have completed class 11th syllabus already you should go for solving previous year questions of those topics.As far as competition is concerned you yourself are you competition as long as you are consistently improving and able to solve the previous year question you are on the right track.Previous year questions itself are the best indicators of it.

2.As far as motivation is concerned the best of us also struggle in it so try asking yourself why are you doing it in the first place.you have to be self motivated not only now but also in college life too.

all the best



First you should be confident on yourself, regarding what you study, if you are scoring well in your coaching tests,then definitely you are going to get a very good rank, irrespective of what others are doing. You can give tests on various preparation apps such as Embibe, gradeapp and check your overall ranking. It will boost your confidence,and yes don't forget to revise what you have studied before.
Keep doing past 14 years problems of Jee as the pattern is somewhat the same.


Things that you can do is:

  1. If there is no competitive environment, create one for yourself. Plan your weekly schedule/ monthly schedule of study.

Try to finish one topic per day and carry a mock test for yourself and record your performance carry this for a week. Then compare your weekly / monthly results and try to improve more and more.

  1. You will find a lot of free test series and questions online and some mock tests so that it would be easy for you to evaluate yourself.

  2. Enrol for a distance coaching plan with some coaching centre of your choice, solve their modules and the practice test.

  3. Lastly but mainly, Never lose confidence, if this week goes bad try to push back in the subsequent week.

Good Luck

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Thank you @ Paras_1 @ Priya_1 @ Anirudh_1 for your valuable guidance

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