I improved my JEE mains rank but not WBJEE. What should I do?

Okay, so a bit of background.
I am a dropper. Last time, I had a rank of 63,000 in JEE mains and a rank of 2100 in WBJEE.
This year, I improved a lot in JEE mains and my calculated rank from my MAINS 2020 JAN percentile is approx 10k. So a 63k to 10k is what I improved in mains. Today was WBJEE, and based on the marks I'm expecting and last years ranks vs marks, my WBJEE rank is most likely to stay the same ie approx ~ 2100.
How is this possible? I worked my ass off for WBJEE 2020. Jadavpur University is my dream college, and looks like I won't be getting it this time either. I'm thoroughly depressed. What should I do?


Calm down Dishi .
Congrats on such a great improvement in JEE mains.I very well know how it feels after working your ass off and then screwing an exam . But you should be Optimistic and look for options rather than being thoroughly depressed , at least give it a try .
You have more exams remaining right ? , JEE mains april and JEE advanced , BITS.. etc
Take my advice , forget your result and study hard for the remaining exams
You can still get into IITs, NITs.
I was depressed like every time i gave an exam , i couldn't perform to my expectations .
I screwed JEE mains, both times , BITS also , but at last did well in Advanced .
So never loose hope , keep fighting, until all your exams are over .
Best of luck!!
Feel free to ping me for any queries . :slight_smile: