I am using cengage (mains) for maths is it good?


My name is AYUSH,I'm a dropper and I am preparing only for mains.
I was doing Rd Sharma objective before I have done tangent and normal ,rate measure and mean value theorem from it.

I thought that level of questions was not of mains level and variety was less so I have now decided to do cengage(jeemain book ) will it be enough for jee mains I will do only that book and previous year of jee main and single objective of advance.

And tell if I'm wrong about Rd Sharma questions level is that the level you need for mains

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Cengage is an all rounder Book. It can be used both for Mains and Advanced. Even if you are preparing for Mains only, there are a lot of questions and a lot of approaches which you can discover when you start solving questions. Mains is all about how fast and how accurately you can solve Questions, So.. good decision to drop RD. It is a bit too detailed to be used as a source for Mains.

Then again, Cengage is one of the most preferred book, that is if and only if you solve a lot of questions from it. Also, try to do JEE previous year Questions a bit more frequently so that the concept won't be new when you see a different kind of question in hall.

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Go a head, cengage is good for jee mains level. Questions in RD Sharma is not upto the jee mains level, it is too easy.Along with this practice old jee mains paper it will help a lot.
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No it is very good book for jee mains..solve it thoroughly.
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Yess, Cengage has a very good problem set for maths. It gives exposure to various kinds of problems that train your brain to think fast. That is most important for JEE Mains.
In JEE Mains all you need to do is to maintain a correct balance between concept application,solving speed and accuracy in calculation to score well in maths.

Also you might find some problems in the book that you might not be able to solve in the first few attempts. Don't get disheartened. It's normal and it happens quite frequently. Don't give up just keep doing.

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