I am facing a lot of problem in probability and also p&c

i am facing alot of problem in probability and also p&c . Can anyone please tell me how to start with these chapters so that i can think what i have to do in this ques , please recommend any video or book .Also for 3d geometry,matrics and determinants please tell

I tried to start probability with RD sharma but i found it difficult to understand

First solve PnC and then probability.

Books:- start from intext of cengage

For 3d geometry and matrices and determinants , mohit tyagi Sir’s video are very good . You can follow them and then cengage back questions only

Sir for algebra i don't have cengage ,i have arihant,TMH ,fiitjee material .Sir should i buy cengage then?

And for 3d same i have arihant

Cengage pdf are available online . Doing that helped me a lot I am able to solve even fiitjee aits ques because of that.


This may be help you Probability is like a terrible part of mathematics for me . I am not able to develop interest over this topic

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