I am a dropper and very bad with exam temperament. Need help with preparation strategy

I am a dropper and very bad with exam temperament. I had 92.xx the previous year January attempt then 91.xx the previous year April and this time January I had 91.xx I made a lot of silly mistakes. I need suggestion really want 99+ in April Please help on how to achieve it.
Thanks !

Even I have this problem but I think we should give more mock tests to come up with this problem of exam temperament.(Like give one test everyday from now for three hours)

Parallel to tests I think we need to revise and keep improving our weekness.(v.imp)
Also sometimes think of nta screen with big roll numbers running behind questions of four lines :joy:(This screen gives me lot of tension lol):joy::sweat_smile:

Before exam don’t expect too much nor less ..Just go to exam hall without any expectations!
First go through the paper for 5 min and don’t get panic if you are unable to think of solution for any of the question you saw.(This happens with most of ppl)..Just start with easiest of the three subjects you feel (Chemistry preferred).

Poor time management can make you panic at the last 15 minutes..so make sure you attempt most of the paper by 2 hours 45 min.Make use of this time to check calculations of your attempted questions .

Last tip(also to myself):When we read a question we start judging whether it’s easy or not ...or like can we do in 2 min or lengthy etc.
But don’t skip too many questions just by your judgements (It will waste some time)
Give a try doing it ...in spite of lengthy because at the end you won’t have much time:)

Sry if you found anything above wrong :slight_smile:
@Shwetanshu_2018 sir can you give your opinions on this ?


Do time bounded practise . Always fix a time for the task you are going to do . You should not struggle with 10 questions for 10 hrs . Try to leave questions which you are not able to do in expected time and try them in last . Always feel confident in the paper and try to think that what you are doing is correct . This will build up your confidence and so the exam temperament .
And don't forget to have some time bounded mock tests . The more test you give , the more exam temperament you develop .
You should analyze which continuous mistake you are doing in every exam and try not to do it again


I dont know but I get really nervous to the point that people around me start noticing this and I start panicking more and after when I am not poised I start making innumerable mistakes the same thing happens in even small mock test I give maybe if I give too much exams I will be ok

Just write down your mistakes in a copy or take pic and make sure that you are not going to repeat them , no matter how many are they .