I am a dropper and scored 93.8 percentile in first attempt. My physics hasn't improved till now


I am a dropper and scored 93.8 percentile in first attempt. My physics hasn't improved till now and am scoring as same marks as before. Please suggest some tips to improve it for upcoming jee mains. Also i am a classroom student in Allen Mumbai in Leader batch. All suggestions are welcome. THANKS


Hi! Can you tell in which specific areas of physics are you hvaing difficulty ?
What material have you solved for physics till now ? also your preparation background?

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I am not able to solve Physics problem. Earlier i thought it was due to theory but even after understanding concept,I am not able to solve questions. I do Allen material but am not able to solve fully. Also i sometimes refer to Cengage for concept and sums. Its really frustrating when i get good in Maths and chem but physics totally ruins it. I get around 40 out of 100 in mains and just 15-20 out of 64 in advanced in allen test.
We are a bit behind. In mechanics track:Fluids and magnetism in other


Same thing happened with me .. I was also struggling with physics ( understood concepts , solved sheets but was not able to score in exams )
And one thing I realised at last that I lacked time bound practise .
So solve your basic sheets by understanding concepts and then do other books or materials by fixing time .
Also give short test of chapters by choosing some ques from any book or material .


I had similar problem in chemistry in class 11 and tried all things to improve. The thing that worked was to analyse every single question I got wrong and see why. You'll definitely be able to see a pattern in your mistakes (conceptual, mathematical or other).


Start with the basic exercise of any chapter and then proceed to the advanced ones.
see this is how it works, you get your basics right, try to solve a couple of questions and then move on, there is no as such trick or magic that can improve your physics instantly, its all pratice.
some resources that I used are -- ashish Arora(physics galaxy) youtube lectures ( highly recommended for you, DCP, allen modules, GMP.. etc...
Do consider other mentor's and student's valuable opinions.
All the Best, ping for any queries :slightly_smiling_face:
you can also take tips from my friend @Viram_2019 , who is excellent in physics.


Thanks a lot for your valuable opinions @arush_2019 @pratyaksh_2019 @Kushagra_2020


@pratyaksh_2019 the physics galaxy for its illustrations or theory


@pratyaksh_2019 thanks for the reference bro.

@Ayush_2020_3 I’d highly recommend Physics Galaxy as well. It helped me a lot in Physics prep for both Mains and Advanced. Since you’ve asked for Mains, I’d say you need to do all the NCERT exercises along with the Illustrations that come along with theory in physics galaxy.
I wouldn’t really recommend doing Advanced Illustrations for JEE Mains but if you are also aiming for advanced then Advanced Illustrations is a must as well.
I’d done both theory and illustrations but I don’t think theory is necessary if you’ve already covered it yourself.
Also, there’s a playlist with past JEE mains solutions. Refer to that as well.
Lastly, in general, when you do a problem first try solving the problem whether you do it the right way or not and only then go to the solutions. This is really important because in case you got the wrong answer you will then compare your solution with what’s given and realise which step of yours went wrong. Later on, when you solve any problem from that topic in the exam, you’ll remember this step that you did incorrectly and avoid doing it.

Best of Luck :clap::+1:


Viraam has covered everything, what I want to add is that you can watch the theory with 1.25 or 1.5 speed for topics that you already covered. And yes I would say 'yes' to adv illustrations if you aim for advanced.


Thanks a lot @Viram_2019 and @pratyaksh_2019. It really cleared my doubts.


After class 12 physics was my weakest part but after taking drop I realised that my interest is shifted to physics.what I did that I knew about my physics level. I paid attention to it understood theory well and at the same time applied to variety of questions. Initiallybasic level and then did questions which makes me to struggle 2 to 3 days. Means to say that if u know your conditions then solve questions from scratch and also ask doubt from your mentor under which u are learning. No matter how silly they are but be loyal to yourself.keep struggle continues until success come to your feet


Hi i would like to add just a few things
1.While looking at the solutions for any problem try to focus on why the particular method was chosen to solve the problem(as you know there are multiple ways to solve in physics), can any other method be used?
2.Keep a track of all the concepts used in solving the problem if multiple concepts are involved then its most likely that you were not able to solve it due to lack of conceptual understanding of any one of the concepts.So go back and review its theory.
3.Practice as many questions as possible and do not hesitate to ask for help from your coaching teachers if you get stuck anywhere or fail to understand anything.DO NOT KEEP PILING YOUR DOUBTS.
Feel free to reach put for any other help
All the best

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Hi @Ayush_2020_3,

Its good you are trying, don't be disheartened just focus a bit more with concepts and try to do more of solved examples. To understand the concepts a more better way refer to video lectures on youtube of Physics by NV sir. I personally refered him in topics I had doubt. And if you have DC Pandey of physics do all the solved examples of the book and if you still have time than try all of its unsolved Multiple Choice Questions.

Still if you have any doubts ping me.
All the Best!!!