How was your KVPY 2019?

60 . Did all 29 in chem if I get through it will be because of chem

chemistry was easy i too attempted 29 in it

was the answer for x and y isomers of coordination comp
linkage, ionisational, solvate,


Did u guys find maths difficult

Which section of maths had more weightage? Calculus part??

I attempted:
Part 1 : Physics -18 Chemistry -18 Math -18
Part 2: Chemistry -9 Physics-5

I think we clearly had shortage of time

I think it had as much weightage as it should have had to its stand alone questions. Though it was mixed with other questions too.

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5 roots will be there

Infinite solutions

May I have an explanation please?

DoUble derivafive of f(x)=0 had 2 solutions so f(x)=0 has 4 solutions ( see its graph it will have real roots). In this we hade factored out x=0 as a root while solving so total 5 roots.

Why isn't the answer 3 im only getting 0,2, -2^1/3

but we can take common x from C2 and x^2 from C3 it makes the question easy because the 5th deg polynomial is easily factorizable.

yes but they asked for integral roots so only 0,2

Oh ok!

Oh then i have failed :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Only one soln

maybe but why