How was your KVPY 2019?

I'm probably getting 40. What about you guys?

35-40 maybe.

how many roots you got for that determinant question?


I got 2 only.

I am expecting a score above 70


How many roots did you get in that determinant question?

Cool so how many roots you are getting in that determinant question?

I think it will be 5 as I was getting a biquadratic after taking all x^4 common and uske first derivative ke saare roots real the. To uske bhi saare roots real honge.

I got a polynomial of 5th deg which was factorizable to X=0,2,(cuberoot(-2)).
since we were asked integral roots so total2.

Ok bro maybe I'm wrong

Anyone knows when will they release question paper? Result is released in December right?

Yeah question paper and answer key in 2 weeks

What you all answered in xsin1/x question in which it asked that total no. Of values for which function value is 1

I did infinite

I too did it as limit when tends to infinity resulted as 1


Do you have another logic?

I don't know if I am right.
I got limx->0 as 1 so I did. I can't explain my thought process exactly though.

How many you guys attempted?