How was your FIITJEE AITS Test PT1 today?

Hello to all
Respected FIITJEE Students are requested to share their marks in today test PT1 JEE mains Pattern.Please share your marks also.

Mine was bad but questions were good level though i couldn't solve but loved with takling tough questions

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Can you share the question paper

It's still not uploaded in our account

Got 171

Are the marks enclosed instantly after the paper


In my state exam wasn’t conducted because of ram mandir issue.

@Samrat_2020 how many questions did you attempt?

54 questions

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How much are you people scoring in the Advanced paper?

Same here bro

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I got 100

Maths was too tough

Are you having the answer key?

AITS-1920-PT-I-JEEA-Paper-1-Sol-.pdf (208.2 KB) AITS-1920-PT-I-JEEA-Paper-2-Sol-.pdf (139.6 KB) AITS-1920-PT-I-JEEM-SOl..pdf (166.6 KB)


Hey can you send the question paper?

Is 132 a fair score to start with in FIITJEE aits mains pattern

Well one of my friends who got a rank within 300 in KVPY SA 2018-19 got a score of 134 so I guess it is a fair score

What you all have scored in advanced?