How was Sept 3 jee main papers

Yup I could only attempt 15 and messed up a couple just because of hurry :((((((

Man resonance just gave it 1.78. I am wondering how was maths easier than physics. Hoping they just took toughness and not lengthiness into account.
Is there anyone here whose paper has gone as expected.
Best of luck to everyone for jee advance.


Don't worry those resonance memory based are always haphazard....

One thing i will tell why some centres are 200-300 km away because i noticed one thing in my centre that though space was huge in the centre but computer seats were less than previous center so that crowding doesn't take place.

Yes dude I had the same shift since my maths is my scoring part I attempted it first and did not shifted to physics until I was done it took almost 80minutes (did all left one) ...since my chem is miserable I thought i'll invest the time I would gain by skipping Chem's questions...but later when I went to chem with only 20min left I found it doable...and ended up leaving 9 freaking questions without even seeing them(auto submit)...I am so scared ryt now!

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Man i was really stupid this time. I thought that physics was easy so went with the flow. But got many negative there and maths was my strongest and i was left with no time later and only 18 with 1 mistake already.
So a lesson never try to change your exam attempt order unless that other subject is too hard.

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Yes slightly lengthly because of maths but qns are solvable, physics was easy one and no comment on chem(i had made horrible mistakes and approach :pensive::pensive:)

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