How was sept 2 2020 JEE paper?

Here we can discuss about 02 sept papers.
Whoever wrote the xam pls post the questions you remember

Which of the following can be the structure of the molecule of formula AB4 and polar ?

  1. tetrahedral
  2. square pyramidal
  3. square planar

I got this q from my friend. There is lone pair for molecule to be polar .
So what should we say abt that structure ( 3 or 2)

What's the option 4?from the given choicew I think it should be square pyramidal

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Definitely square pyramidal

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she could'nt remember

Today again question came about no of chiral centres in penicillin which came in jan paper. Though my is on 3rd.

i gave pyramidal

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but structure was given

Was the paper of same level as January

Yes but many told today's maths and chem was easy and physics was moderate to tough.

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Yeah , even I agree with the statement . Math was easy , chem. is full of theoretical questions and physics was tough.


Chem was like by seeing questions directly from ncert and some questions of jan attempt were repeated it means though i remember all jan questions but still one two i will see by night today for Tomorrow.

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If anyone like me thinks that communication system is not in syllabus then you are wrong.


I studied that for boards years ago ( 1.5 years back ) :woman_facepalming:t2:..


Any questions from s block and Hydrogen?

Any question came as far i didn't get to know any question about that chapter if you get it please upload it.

Bro mai khud kuch nahi janta uske baare me
Question tak samjh nahi aaya Modulation se related tha
@Saumay_2019 bro there was no question from s block and Hydrogen.

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See resonance has uploaded answer keys of shift 1 paper with all questions you can see there.

No questions from communication in sep 2 2nd shift. My paper was sep 2 2nd shift

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