How useful is Educative JEE for first year engineering student?


I was wondering if the book named Educative jee written by K.D.Joshi is good or at least useful for first year engineering student.

i am an engineering student now and i fall under Sppu university will that book be useful for me?
(for at least 1st year)


I would like to tell you ... It is extremely awesome... It is a very great book by KD Joshi Sir. He has explained each problem very nicely in depth and also took the possible cases of had the problem been a little different. You will definitely learn a lot !
I actually found this book a bit late... a month or so before JEE so I couldn't go through it completely. But I suggest you to read it fully.
Also it is advised that you do this only after you have completed the whole syllabus... It is a good book to read during revision time.
The best method to get the most out of the book will be to first solve a question on your own and then look for the solutions that has been provided.

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And how useful is it for JEE 2020 aspirant?


Very much


Yeah ... It will be very useful for a JEE aspirant as Joshi sir has given comments for every question along with the solution. There he has explained in depth the question as well as the plausible questions from the given questions. I suggest you go through it once even if you see 5-10 problems, you will get an idea of what is there in the book.
I personally found it very good for JEE