How to study more without feeling exhausted after 1-2 hours of study

Do you guys feel a weird type of exhausting feeling after studying for 2-3 hours? What should be done to get relieved by this exhaustion feeling quickly?


take a power nap of 20-30 min

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Did you try adding 15 minutes break after every one and a half hour? If not, try it. I personally do it. Use those 15 minutes to do anything except studies. You can have multiple sessions like that and you can even take a longer break of like 30 minutes after two sessions.


Also, try switching subjects. I am weak at maths, so I study maths at my peak time for 1.5 hours and then switch to inorganic/physical chemistry, some things that I love to read. And then I again study maths. This way I studied 3 hours maths and didn't feel exhausted.


If you feel exhausted after studying for 1-2 hours don't worry,it's a feeling that most of us experience during our preparation time.
So, you should take a break for 15-20 minutes and do what you like the most. It could be reading your favorite novel or listening to songs or anything like that.
Slowly and steadily this exhaustion will go away, when you will start enjoying what you are doing, set targets to do before you get up from your study table

You can try to go out for a brisk walk/d some physical exercise it will charge you up.Also i used ti listen to music it helps a lot.
Basically try out different things suggested by people and try to find which works best for you.