How to start my JEE advanced preparation journey

How to start my JEE advanced preparation journey .
I am studying 11 th now. I mug up in my previous classes. But i must go for IIT . It is my dream. I am studying in a government school in my city.i have to self study in my preparation journey and i want to score a great rank in JEE advanced.i have potential
But, I don't know how to start my JEE advanced preparation...
Please help me

Hi Vaitheesh !
Great to see your passion for IIT , keep it up you will surely suceed provided you put in a good amount of hard work for you IIT dream !.
So you are in 11 th right, and next year is your JEE ..
Can you tell me how your preparation had been so far ? , like were you enrolled in any coaching.
Meanwhile you might want to view some articles on this blog regarding books, strategies and many other cool stuff !

(aman goel , AIR 33 , IIT-B)