How to revise for mht cet?


How to revise for mht cet? @Supreeta_Sen @Mayank_Chowdhary. Are there some important topics. My weak parts are organic and inorganic. Do they ask some specific questions from inorganic and organic?


Random fact based questions are most definitely asked. Revise ncert or state board textbook. Especially blocks and metallurgy


For revision just read your Maharashtra board textbooks (nothing comes out of it )
CET is also purely board text books
Like you will do well if you have studied for boards rather if you know your text books
Also practice a few papers
The most important thing in CET is time
You get less than 1 min per question in P&C
Also the questions are easy so not much to worry about.
Uptil last year there was no -ve marking ... So that's an advantage too
And remember every mark counts in CET


Keep these points in mind:

  1. Make short notes for the formulae and important points.
    2.give equal weightage to all the subjects and equally practice them.
    3.give mock tests of the exam, it'll make you familiar with the exam pattern.
    4.since there is no negative marking, you can attempt all the questions.