How to revise for JEE Mains January?


Will HCV and past year questions be enough for January?
Please guide for maths and Chemistry.
I also have resonance DPPs

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I think for chemistry just go through your notes and all previous year problems.

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For Jee mains.
In inorganic chemistry : you can refer Ncert and previous year problems
In organic chemistry: you can refer your notes and previous year problems, coaching modules, and Ncert.
In physical chemistry: coaching module, notes.
In maths: coaching module, previous year, resonance Jee mains dpp
In physics: hc Verma, resonance Jee mains dpp, coaching module.


I think HC Verma is more beneficial for JEE advance,but for mains no need to do this completely,only do some important part of this like NLM,wave,etc.

One thing I would recommend you that just do thoroughly your previous year papers with proper time management, so that you can analyse yourself and your preparation for JEE mains.
Best of luck.