How to reduce calculation mistakes?


I make many calculation errors specially in chapters like Binomial theorem which have lots of calculation, what should be done by me?


Do not use calculator even while practising. Doesn’t matter if it takes time.


Calculation mistakes are common but it can cost you marks. To avoid calculation mistakes-

  1. Avoid using calculators while practicing
  2. Make a habit to recheck the calculation
  3. Be patient, sometimes you do calculation mistake in the easy questions because of excitement or rush.

Slow down your pace, if you are always solving in a Haste to be among the students to give the right answer fast.
Try to focus on smaller areas where you are lacking, cuz they are serious enough to give you a loss of Entrance Examination.
Try solving numerical early in the morning. This might take some time but you will see a definite increase in confidence and a strict decrease in calculation mistake. If you will continue to take it lightly, it will still make huge losses if not solved