How to prepare for FIITJEE Hyderabad Madhapur (CM) batch selection test?

I am currently a class X student and would be joining FIITJEE Hyderabad classroom program in the new session. I want to do well in JEE Advanced 2022 and hence aiming to be part of the FIITJEE CM batch. FIITJEE Hyderabad conducts a selection test for choosing students who would join the CM batch (which is in Madhapur centre). I would get 15-20 days to study after my class X boards are over for this test.

Seeking help from current/past FIITJEE Hyderabad students to know how best can I prepare for this selection test.

The syllabus for the selection test is as below. The problem is that although the topics look like from class X, I was told that the questions would be from what is taught on these topics in class XI
Physics: Kinematics, Ray Optics, Current Electricity and Electromagnetism
Maths: Quadratic Equations, Progressions, Polynomials, Trignometry, Geometry, Coordinate Geometry, Circles
Chemistry:Atomic Structure, Chemical Bonding, Gaseous State