How to master organic chemistry for jee


I have been watching videos on YouTube on how to prepare very well for organic chemistry for jee advanced. On a great scale, as responses from many IITians and others, got to know that solving ms Chouhan plays important role in preparation..
Is it necessary to solve it as I am in Aakash classroom(dropper) nd have coaching modules nd dpps to solve .. there only 4 months for jee mains I want to know whether the coaching materials and past year jee adv. papers enough....
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You must know all the basic rules of organic chemistry that should be the first thing in your mind and also if you are a dropper then you will be knowing the proper history of organic chemistry in advanced so its upon you how you prepare for it but what i feel is ms chouhan covers almost all topic s required for jee adv and if you are dedicated to your work then you can complete ms chouhan along with your regular schedule also as you are dropper there are no worries for school practicals or boards so if you are really targeting the advanced exam utmost then i recommend you to solve ms chouhan and also it is the best time you wont forget many concepts till the exam date.
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Thank you so much..


According to my experience, if you want to study for mains only, then you can go for only your coaching materials and dpps and for advanced also it is enough, if you want to get deep knowledge about any certain topic, you can refer ms chauhan, as topics given in this book is very vast, it covers all the aspects of the topic. So, it's good for advanced level problems.


It is very important to be thorough with each and every line of NCERT for organic chemistry and previous year problems.After this you can consider Morrison Boyd but it contains a lot of extra information so start it only after you are completed with the above two things.


The problems of organic can be classified into 2 Mains level and advance level.First of all be sure for what you are aiming for.In ideal case prepare first for the mains level problems and then go for advance level.

Mains level problems mainly focus on standard and basic reactions.So make sure u go through every reaction in NCERT and then practice prev year mains problems to get a feel for what level of questions are asked and in what area u want to prepare.

Advance level : Focus must be on reaction mechanisms since the problems are not straight forward.Try to reason out concepts like why a reaction favours certain path,the by products formed,how conditions like temp. change affect all these.Again try looking up ques from prev years to get a reference.

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