How to master Jee Advanced chemistry in these 4 months

I am a dropper and scored just 50/100 in jee mains chemistry. I believe i am decent in Chem but I screwed up that day. CAN you please share your strategy about How to master Jee Advanced chemistry in these 4 months.Like I have almost every material but am confused on How to proceed through it.


Please guide @arush_2019 @pratyaksh_2019 @Mayank_2019_1 @Shwetanshu_2018

Same problem with me plz help .

@Ayush_2020_3 where exactly are you having problem with chemistry? Is it that you are not exposed to enough theory ? Or you know the theory but you aren’t able to solve questions ?
What exactly do you think you are suffering with ?

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@Shwetanshu_2018 for me i got below 50 in chem. Inorganic bad,organic good,physical below average.

@Shwetanshu_2018 It is amalgamation of everything.
I am above average in solving numericals of Physical chemistry. But i am finding it hard to score in conceptual questions of Thermodynamic and Electrochemistry.
Inorganic is fine.
Organic, I need your advice.i have just solved around -1/4 of MS Chauhan so should I keep solving it or rather finish my Coaching modules.
I am a dropper so I have some more time to finish.
Other guys suggestions are also welcome.
@pratyaksh_2019 please see this

As you said that you are above average with numerical of physical chemistry, therefore I don’t think it’s some concept /theory that you lack , so basically you need a better problem solving book for that .
For mains level N avasti will suffice, you can try to solve it completely and by the end of it , you’ll have enough skill
But if you are aiming for advanced then , for sure my recommendation will be neeraj kumar’s book , it test each and every minute concept as well as your ability to solve muli-conceptual problems .

For organic , if questions is all you need ( as you mentioned about ms chauhan ) then you should rather focus on completing allen module ( assumed allen according to your credentials) , allen modules cover pretty much each and every type of questions that are potentially going to be asked . So for organic , focus more on your modules

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This is for everyone

And for chemistry the key is multiple revision for sure , because if you’ll look up to the chemistry section of Jee mains or even advanced, then you’ll realise , that at some point you had enough practise in a chapter from which the question came , that you would have breezed through those problems , but now , you lack that quick grasping as to what should be done to solve a questions , why ? Because you somewhere or the other , lack revision , which lead to your concepts becoming Shady .

So , for chemistry in specific , keep on revising as much as you can


For you also tips for physical chem is same as told in post #7

For organic - If you lack theory the you can go for either solomon adapted by ms chauhan or cengage

For practising questions you can follow the books , as recommended in the below post


Thanks a lot @Shwetanshu_2018 for always guiding and solving my doubts.