How to improve my marks in JEE chemistry?

My jee mains was totally spoiled by chemistry
i socred 98.96 in maths
and 98.76 in physics
but scoring 77 percentile in chemistry brought my overall score to 97.28 percentile which is completely not satisfying .
I'm depressed please help :pray:

Can you rate your current physical , inorganic and organic status out of 10
Like physical 6/10 etc

HEY wrt mains conducted by mains the plan can be
INORGANIC -------- NCERT ( OF COURSE and dont be selective here )

PHYSICAL .............. CHECK THIS
OP Tandon is Best book to buy for the physical chemistry. You have a good number of examples and also each and every theory point is explained along with formula derivations. Even the exercise questions are good. That book alone would be enough for JEE if its fully completed.

Sorry for butting in here, but I also need help with chemistry.
Please note I am only asking advice about class 11 the syllabus
Organic - 8/10
Physical - 6/10
Inorganic - 4/10
I need to get all of these to at least 8+ before 12th starts.

sir inorganic is 3/10
organic maybe 7/10
and physical 7/10 ( low confidence):sweat_smile:

Regarding Inorganic, i had the same scores out of 10 like you , this is what i did to improve -
Made handwrittten notes ( very important), it really helps to remember things for longer times.
I used pradeep chemistry books for making notes , as it had detailed explanation regarding every concept. And then i revised it on regular basis ( first thing to do in the morning ) .
And i maintained a seperate notebook for adding new facts which were missed while making notes. These new facts came as a result of solving problems from V Joshi book.

I was really boring to study it , every time i opened inorganic,after few minutes i would be asleep or doing physics, but i realised at the end of the day , you had to face it and it would be the deciding factor in exams. So encourage yourself to study inorganic , make good notes , revise and that's it .

You may want to check this awesome article -


I have just one more doubt..
i will complete my coaching material for organic chemistry by this week
should i solve last year jee main papers
or should i start doing ms chouhan ( problems in organic chemistry for iit jee..???

Usually this lowers your capability. Until you know what kind of questions and difficulty level they are of, you need not to solve them. Have a glance once at all questions when you feel tired after solving many questions.

Yes, I would recommend MS Chouhan, but more specifically if you have gone through it, then do only those which you would have marked important.

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is it possible to complete this book within a month ..?
i haven't even touched it till now

@Anjali_2020 I had completed level 1 in a less than week . So you can if you know concept very well. Just start and devote 8 to 10 hours per day. You can...

It is possible, even I haven't done most of it but you need to invest some time. You can download it's solution from internet which can make it less time consuming.