How to improve maths

Suggest me some tips about how I can improve my maths and what strategy should I plan till jee advanced
Also,suggest me a some book for advanced problems

  1. How is your preparation level currently?!
  2. Which all books have you solved previously?!
  3. What is you weakness ?! ( problem solving / theory etc)
  4. How much of the syllabus is covered by you ?!

For maths I haven't prepare much, only practice questions which were given in lecture and booklet(not fully completed...only calculus and algebra are done completely)

My main weakness is that i couldn't solve advanced problems, some problems take much time to think.
I attempt maths at last so I couldn't give my best on it.
Also I couldn't solve some formulas and properties based question.

See Akash.. If you could share the percentile in mains Jan and your weak chapters and little more abt the available time and other subjects, it would be really great..

@akash_2020 fir the information you gave , it seems like, you haven’t completed the syllabus properly and hence don’t have grip over the concepts .
Right now , you should focus on completing the syllabus properly, for this you can use cengage , but since time is limited I’d recommend you to solve only the intext problems of it . (Intext because your concepts are also weak and problem solving also , so intext problems will teach you theory as well as it will be a good source for practise also)

My percentile is 99.23
My strong subject is physics,average in chem and weak in maths.
I can do mains level question but get stuck in advanced problems

Should I practice black book from balaji?
As my friends advise to do that

Considering this sentence of yours , I don’t think you should directly jump to black book , because it will simply waste your time.

Okay, thanks @Shwetanshu_2018

Hi Akash.. Since ur saying that u are able to solve mains level questions, i would suggest you to start with the previous years archives.. This would give you an idea of how the questions are being asked.. (which concepts are frequently touched, level of questions..) ull be little comfortable for the questions asked are not that difficult than the ones which you would typically see in the coaching papers.. U can start with 3d,vectors, definite integrals, differential eqns, matrices, coordinate geometry... Just come back again after completing this... All the best..

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