How to improve accuracy in problem solving?


I am a student of FIITJEE now in 11th std. In the eight weekly tests that we have had so far, I mostly ranked within 10 (out of 500 students). But in the last 2-3 tests, my rank has been slipping - because I lose about 20-40 marks due to 'silly mistakes'. The types of mistakes I make are:

  1. not reading the question properly and missing out on important information
  2. replacing + with - signs especially in equations
  3. missing a few numbers while calculating (e.g., missing a denominator)
  4. calculation errors (such as 3^2 = 6)

After each test I analyze my mistakes. I am very concerned that I should not repeat my mistakes. But the problem has not decreased - it has in fact increased over the last 2-3 tests.

Kindly advise on what I need to do to increase accuracy?

I have tried setting a time limit while solving problems at home. But the time is never enough (because the concepts and problems are new). For example, yesterday evening, I wanted to solve 10 problems and set a time limit of 30 mins. But at the end of 30 mins, I could only solve 4 problems!

What should I do?

Please help. Thank you in advance.


Be calm and cool minded. While writing exam., This problem is only due to tension you bear in you mind during exam. Don't expect or concentrate on rank,. cool mindedly solve the problems

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Thank you very much. Will try my best.


Do time bounded practice..


Thank you.


First of all calm down, you have just started your jee journey, there is a long way to go and these are the things every student faces.
As you are learning new concepts, doing it's questions will surely take time if 4 questions are taking 30 minutes time, then start with this deadline, and slowly increase it.
And for improvement upon silly mistakes practice more and more, it will surely improve.


I cannot help you in silly mistakes (as I am also a big silly mistaker) and also if you are trying to search google then don't waste your time as you will find only these tips at the end (thank me later)

  1. Stay calm in exam
  2. Practice infinitely
  3. Read every Q 2 times (which you will ignore)
  4. Don't solve any question orally(I found it useful)

For time I will say that try to do maximum sums as much you can do for a chapter in one hour and then make that (number-1) your minimum number of Q per hour (use this only if the chapter is new to you)
For eg mine was averagely 10/hour


Analysing the exam is in itself a great step taken by you.Many students don't do this and lack behind other students. Silly mistakes are the enemy of any aspirant and i couldn't think of a student that hasn't struggled with it. You don't have to worry, you are already heading in right direction and as suggested by other mentors, you just need to stay calm and focused.

Now coming on the speed you are worried about. It is possible that the 10 questions you have selected maybe of higher difficulty. But in actual exam, the paper setters keep the the difficulty in check and divide the questions in easy , moderate and difficult areas, so that you are able to finish the section in definite time. I would just suggest that try doing more test series paper and check your speed in those and then analyse your self
Good Luck!


Hello,you can try giving marks to yourself in dpp by setting a time limit for every dpp you solve.

If you are feeling that the time limit is not enough you can try the same problems after 1 month.This will help you in two ways-

1.revision can improve your accuracy.

If you feel that you have time you can do the calculations yourself instead of a calculator as JEE is full of surprises and they can make a calculative paper as they did in 2018 and the students who have good accuracy are highly benefited in such situations.

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Hello Kalyani_2021,

The problem you are facing is not new between JEE aspirants, so there is no need to panic. The only thing you should have now is more concentration, as you are aware of what kind of mistakes you are making on regular basis. And it is good you are looking at your mistakes and want to learn from that. To improve your concentration, I will say just play any sport for hour an hour a day at least or practice yoga. This may sound weird to you that why I am asking to give your time of study to play but in long run it is going to benefit you only.

Now coming to your problem of time management while solving questions as you said you take 30 mins for 4 questions whereas you aim for 10 questions. Now the question arises is what was the question level or were you not focused enough? The answer to problem is simple enough just start aiming small and then slowly increase your targets, as you are in 11th this year you have a lot of time as well as a lot to earn, thus you should not panic on small issues. It is good practice to solve questions in given time-frame but only when you are confident enough in the topic. I would rather advice you for to solve 30 to 35 questions of each subject (PCM) to do daily to increase your problem-solving technique as well as your speed with accuracy which at the end of the day you need the most.
Wish you good luck!


You can simply get over silly mistakes by practicing again and again as much as you can just stay 100% self aware of what are you doing and let me tell you replacing + - is really not good do specially take care of it and if you are uncomfortable doing calculation in mind do it in rough with pencil on side if it helps draw a rough line on paper and also there's no issue of erasing as now exam is online.


Thank you very much!


Sincere thanks to everyone for all the helpful suggestions!


Sometimes one makes silly mistakes when we are in hurry. Don't increase pressure on your brain too much. Always attempt exams with a relaxed mind.

In a hurry we just tend to solve more and more questions to gain marks but remember this exam is multiple choice question type where the paper is specifically designed to make you fall in traps. The examiner is already aware of the mistakes that one might make and what will it end up to... That option is always there in the options. When we solve a question and land at an option then there is this something called as internal voice which says that this must be right as you have solved it and it's also there in the options.

Hence it is better to solve paper without hurry to avoid silly mistakes.
As far as speed of attempting is concerned you should practice timed question sets. That really help to increase speed.

All the best


Thank you!