How to find order of sn1 in decreasing order in attached image?


As usual, I tried to check the stability of carbocation. As a result, bromomethyl cyclopropane will show Dancing resonance hence most stable.then come 3-bromocyclopropene forming aromatic but answer was

3-bromocyclopropene>bromomethyl cyclopropane>bromocyclopropane>1-bromocyclopropene.


@darshil_2020, In my opinion we can not compare dancing resonance and aromatic character, both are different things.
So, here we should rely on some standard book explanation, Btw what's the source?


It's allen classroom module of alkyl halide begineer box questions


i think the answer is wrong as dancing resonance is more stable than aromatic


@Supreeta_2019 , @pratyaksh_2019 need your help here



hii bharat, why did you considered the formation of four member ring over dancing resonance stability.

maybe dancing will give a lot more stable than forming four member ring. so according to me, we need to consider dancing .


I am just giving an explanation to the ans given. Nothing else.It might be that the given ans is wrong .