How to determine hybridization of multicentred species?


How to determine hybridization of multicentred species

One more thing determine hybridization of P4O??


Calculate no of sigma bonds+lone pair


Is P4O exists??



How can you say that it is P4O10.
And if it is then how will you find the hybridization of this?


Because P4O don't exist and You know that to find the hybridisation you must know the structure of any component.Through this you can find easily its hybridisation


Actually,the structure of P4O10 is much more complex,so could you please elaborate how you will find its hybridization?


In a multicentre compound we will follow this rule.

  1. we will see which element is lesson number.
  2. centre atom will less electronegative element.
    So here centre atom will be Phosphorus.

What do you mean by this lesson number?


Oh shit it’s a mistake
It is less in number.