How should I further study to get around 5000-6000 rank in these 20 days

My Jee mains really went downhill. I made the worst mistakes one can make. I am getting around 170 marks from Answer key and i don't know how much less it will get from here as there were not all question present. Though I don't have high expectations from Jee advance.
Can anyone tell me how should I further study to get around 5000-6000 rank in these 20 days.
Ps:I am a dropper so this was my last chance.
Also is there anyone in this site who is in same boat with me.
Help @pratyaksh_2019 @arush_2019

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Exact same boat bro.. You had 4 sept 2nd shift right?

Yes. What is your further plan. I am only giving mains and advance this year so this is the last hope

I'll try to prepare for bitsat because I haven't practiced advanced level chemistry and maths is also kind of a gamble in advance..Btw what percentile do you think we'll get with 170?

If the paper is really tough as we are expecting then maybe 98.5+

Tbh that sounds too good to be true..But let's hope for the best.Also if you're not giving bitsat then I'd say strengthen whatever topics you are a bit confused in then just do advanced archive, don't do anything new imo

Thanks @Saumay_2019. How much are you expecting

Don't wanna say anything..Some people are saying 180 will be 99 percentile while some are saying 220 will be 98.9

Bro it depends on Difficulty of session wise and also depends on average students scoring in paper

God please don't do that 99 with 220 is like really devestating.Hope results come fast.

i really think 200 + will be sufficient for 99 + and around 180 for 98

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You're setting your bar low dude. I think you can get better rank than that. Remember, Mains doesn't determine your potential in Adv. straight away. It depends upon your preparation type.
And also that's not a less score.


What is advanced archive?

Previous year questions

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Chill bro,
First dont set limits like that, keep hopes high , try to maintain a positive mindset. You'll nail it.
Right now dont think much about jee mains. Are you giving some other exams? . Both mains and adv are quite different approach exams. Focus on jee adv prep, paper is in month end right? Till then you should put your full efforts, this period can really pay off, revise those memory based topics inorganic n all. I used to practice papers on alt. Days I guess and at one week before I had given that allen AIOT. Keep yourself engaged during this period, revise everything important. And 1-2 days before adv. Distance yourself from hardcore study, try to relax and revise using some handbooks. The preparation will pay off , all the best :+1::100: