How much you guys are scoring in Allen drill Advance tests

what was your score in jan attempt?

Much low only 91.2 percentile

i am scoring 100-140 marks in mains drill test . maths section is quite tough in allen tests

I always score 60 - 70 in maths but Physics is a nightmare for me.

For me maths and chemistry are nightmares

You are scoring too good in math ...
How much time do you spend in math section? @Gaurav_2020_3

Ok thanks

You got my nerve as my physics is not that good so i contribute that time to math section
On average I spend 1 hour 20 mins in Math section

What are your average scores in Mains and Advance @akash_2020 and @Ankith_2020

Not good, mostly it is between 165-185 .
Can't say anything about advanced.
I haven't yet started drill tests .
Are they different than tests included in mains and advanced package of allen.


Mine mains avg score is 185+
Advanced avg score will be 75-85


Ha bhai par koi khas fark nahi hai

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No more new drill test available now..... will they continue to provide more free test?


How sure are you about it? What are the sources of this information?

We were told about it by our teachers

And all the drill tests were score papers

I confirmed it by their customer care

They have uploaded more