How much you guys are scoring in Allen drill Advance tests

As I can't rely on leaderboards and I am scoring too low ? @Ayush_2020_3

Same here around 80.But the leaderboard scares me

80 out of?

And don't be scared by the leaderboard. I think most of the people on the leaderboard google all the questions and cheat on the exams.

Thank God, me too . Scored 67 in the Ist and 83 in the IInd


Not all cheat some people are legit

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how much you guys are scoring in the mains drill tests?

I am scoring low in those too around 130 - 160 in each tests.

Yeah, true in AIOT offline one's some of them nearly scores full marks.

If available, can you share any of these paper?

Bro, they are free on Test my preparation app.

The mains test is very easy but advance test are very good

which test app bro @Gaurav_2020_3 ?

Testmyprep you can go to web portal also


oh, thanks

@Manu_2020 what are your average scores in mains and Advance

The drill test chemistry is lower than jee level. Physics and maths are ok level. Aiots are of a good level

Mains 220-240 advance 75-110

@Manu_2020 how much did you score in Jan attempt.