How much syllabus should I have covered till august if I have to appear for jee 2020 january?


I have integral calculus ,vectors 3d ,matrices determinants probability in maths left to do

In physics I am to do capacitors heating effect magnetism (full) modern physics

In chemistry whole inorganic of 12th except coordination compound is left
In whole organic except iupac and goc is left
In physical chemistry only surface chemistry is left

I am feeling that I lag behind a lot

Ideally how much syllabus should I have completed till now?
Can you help me divide days left for per chapter left especially for chemistry


In maths your are going good.The topics you left is having high weightage so you can do it one month before exam.
I think in Inorganic chemistry your lagging you should have at least done metallurgy and S block.


hi Nishant
First of all there is now need to panic or worry to cover the full lenght of syllabus,you need to selectively pick out topics on which maximum questions have been asked previously and prepare them confidently.

My suggested strategy:
!.pick out important topics of maths like matrices and determinant and vector 3d ,organic from chemistry and finish them in 2 months along with modern physics(which i is relatively easy).

2.For next 1.5 months finish integral calculus and probability and cram up inorganic chemistry..also complete all topics of physics left

3.VERY IMP:Keep the 15 days left for revision.Don't panic about the syllabus left out .If u don't revise u will not be able to do questions on topics u thoroughly know .

Just remember u need to extract the max. ques out of limited knowledge.



In maths first of all complete vector 3D as it is a very important chapter from Jee point of view, then you can proceed to calculus ,these two chapters have weightage in both mains and advanced as compared to matrices and determinants.
In physics modern physics is very easy as well as important, it also has weightage in Jee mains and well as advanced so do that first then go to magnetism
In chemistry,specially in inorganic chemistry, study one topic daily and revise what you have studied before because that's very important and do organic chemistry side by side as you are lacking behind in that.
And at last don't panic, you will be able to complete everything by January


No one can deny that organic is the most scoring part of the chemistry and leaving it behind can lead you to difficulties in scoring good marks. So i will suggest you to first focus on it. As you must already know ncert is more than enough for inorganic but this subject can't be trusted, either you remember the answer or you don't, its as simple as that.
In maths, you have left some serious topics but you must complete vector 3D(relatively an easy topic) and calculus( v. Imp) to be on a safer side.
All this will give you enough content to appear in January exam.
Good Luck!


Don't panic you can be selective here to get a good score.
The portions you have left in maths have huge weightage and especially cover topics like vector 3d and integral calculus at the earliest.

In physics modern physics is almost solvable by everyone so don't lag behind in that.

Do pay attention to organic and inorganic chemistry as they can be rank deciders but as they require memory so you can study them around 3 months before mains.