How many optical isomers possible for this compound?

how to calculate it ?

Two ki power n minus one

@Raghudevram_Singh @Supreeta_Sen
How to count without formula

You’ll have to write individual configurations like
RRRS etcetc and see which ones are optically active

Will take a whole lot of time, ig

3 R and 1 S will any be inactive?

Nope don’t think so

Try counting method. Answer doesn't match I guess.
The case in which there are 2R and 2S will have miso compounds. But the others?

I actually had tried this, and I was getting more than 8 :woman_facepalming:t2:

I thought maybe you’d get it :sweat_smile:
I’ll try it again some time later

Same. 10 or 12 I guess.

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When does this formula exactly work and not work?
Do you have any notes on this part?

When there is any symmetry

@Chirag_Hegde @arush_kumar_singh @Supreeta_Sen @Raghudevram_Singh
Guys, can you please try without formula but normal counting method?

And when there isn't tab 2^n?

Lol paper khatam ho jayega but I won't get by counting


Yeah that’s correct

And when doesn't this formula work?
When there are more than 1 POS?

What’s wrong with one POS only? Even then it won’t work na?


I’m getting 12 by counting which means some of the 12 I’ve counted are optically in active. Can someone say which one?

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I don’t think they’re going to be optically inactive.
I think some of them are identical.

Ahhh. Forgot this completely.

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