How many hours do you study while preparing for JEE?


I don't think that the amount of input I am currently giving in is enough to prepare me for JEE. I want to compare how long does everyone study for with my study hours.


are you starting now from scratch now or started preparing for few months (/ years) ??? @Anushka_2021


I will tell you about my case. I prepared for JEE for only a year I.e. drop.
Apart from 7 hours of coaching, I used to do 4 hours of self study where maximum amount of time was consumed in solving DPPs.


It's not about the hours you give into studying,it's about how much you grasp during the time you are studying. Majority of Jee aspirants study for about 5-6 hours(self study) on the days of coaching and about 8-9 hours in holidays. It all depends on your grasping ability.


First thing to say, don't compare how much time you're studying with anyone's study time. Doing so, you'll be under procastination and it will eat up your time.

Remember Hours are just numbers. It's not about how many hours one studies a day, it's all about how effective one studies. Everyone has different potential, so counting hours says nothing.

As a JEE aspirant you should study smart. How much you're studying in a day should be really really effective. Avoid procastination and prepare a good time table for your study. Set limits for study on daily basis, it gonna increase your study hour. Don't back up until your daily-limit is reached.

I've come through the phase. There are a number of things that distract and break concentration. Better just avoid these things. Smart-Study surely gonna be much effective. Also try to increase study time but don't bother about it. Focus on JEE, it'll give you willing to study hard.

All the best for your JEE.


Hey Anushka,
I would suggest you to study smart not hard. That is basically what makes a difference. Whatever you're taught make it a habit to revise it the same day. This will give you a good grasp over the concepts. Try to set weekly goals for yourself and make sure you accomplish them. At the end of every week go through all your notes and practice as many questions as you can. Along with all this remember to get out of your room and have fun. This will relax your mind and you'll be able to study better.


It is not the matter of numbers of hours you study but what counts is EFFECTIVE study hours. If you are studying 13-14 hrs a day with half of the concentration then that doesn't count as studying. But if you study for just 8-9 hrs a day 100% concentration and enthusiasm, then you can learn a lot more than other.
I would also recommend that instead of going for a continuous 2-3 hrs session , you should go for 25 min study with a 5 min break and repeat again. I think it is very "effective" method and gives you 50 mins of effective study in 1 hrs session and don't let you be bored.


Hello,everyone has a different grasping power so if you are studying less or more than others then please don't compare yourself.

Regarding my case,I used to study for around 7 hours on coaching days and 8-10 hours on holidays which was increased to around 10 hours on a daily basis when JEE mains and ADVANCED were near.

There are students who cracked JEE with a 4 hour daily study while some with 8 hours daily were not able to do it so you should focus more on learning rather than counting time.