How is VMC Pitampura (Delhi) for droppers?

  1. Please also tell me the name of the teachers that have taught in droppers batch 2019.
  2. How many people have got rank in JEE Advanced from this year's batch, i.e. 2019?

As far as I have researched about this centre, it's a pretty decent one with a lot of qualified teachers , you won't regret joining there , this branch is equivalent to vmc(anand vihar) and fiitjee south delhi for droppers. People come from far places to study in this batch. But you need to study for 6 hours, apart from coaching to get a good rank in Jee.
Some of the teachers of this centre are:
Shyam sir for physics
Manmohan sir for mathematics.






Hello, it's a pretty decent centre having experienced faculties and good results. Pitampura centre of vmc has a good brand name equivalent to fiitjee south Delhi and if you apply decent efforts then you can crack jee by studying there.


I was a student in VMC Pitampura 2018 batch and can tell you the best about it.

VMC has really good teachers who work really hard to provide you the best coaching possible. You shouldn't care about the names of teachers who taught in droppers batch because as far as I remember some of the most valued teachers were put on the droppers batch.

For the JEE Advanced Result you can visit VMC website... There you can get the detailed result with ranks.