How is percentile calculated?

In 2019, total number of candidates was around 9.35 lakh. My percentile in April was 96.7, so according to that, my rank should've been around 30,000 but my rank was around 36,000. What is the total number of students counted in the percentile calculation?


Only students who had same slot of exam as yours will be considered to calculate your percentile @Sayantan_2020

@Shwetanshu_2018 I meant when calculating rank from percentile, what is the total number of students taken as?

This time multiply by 12000. Last year was around 11.5 k

@Sayantan_2020 Once everyone is allotted their percentiles , then rank is calculated as follows

  1. Anyone (from all slots ) who is having percentile greater than you will have lesser rank than you ( magnitude wise )
  2. Everyone (from all slots ) who is having percentile lesser than you will be behind you ( rank wise )
  3. In case , your percentile clashes with someone elses percentile ( i.e your percentile and a student of other slot have same percentile ) then different parameters are considered such as who is having better percentile in maths , and then physics and so on .
    Typical example of case 3 is , from each slot there is student who gets 100 percentile , so in such case , different parameters (as discussed above ) is considered

Thank you!

@Ayush_2020_3 But total strength last year was 9.35 lakhs. Why 11.5 lakhs? I assume you mean lakh and not thousand