How is Cengage organic chemistry?

How is Cengage organic chemistry book for jee?What are best books for GOC ?

The books which you can follow for your JEE preparation can be

Cengage Organic Chemistry. This one will help you a lot.
NCERT Chemistry. Not just for GOC but for all other chapters as well. This one is really good and will help a lot..
GR Bathla's General Organic Chemistry.
Solomons Fryhle is also one of the best for organic portion.

Which is better Cengage or Solomon's ,does Cengage have some extra theory? I have PDFs of standard books, so I must buy Cengage.?

I don't know much about cengage. But for Solomon's I think its the best. It covers everything properly with each and proper explanation also. So I would say you also prefer SOLOMON'S.

@Shwetanshu_2018 He uses Cengage series. He can guide you... :smile::smile:

For chemistry I don’t use cengage and for organic chemistry I use L.G. wade but one of my friend have cengage and I had a glance ... and guess what it was awesome specially for goc and nomenclture no other book has explained it in that way and also it has chapters in the format which are used to in coaching like chapters are named such as nomenclature of organic comp , goc , isomerism and so on whereas it is a real pain to get topics in wade and soloman cause there are chapters like Alkanes alkynes and so on and in the beginning of each there is nomenclature of them , I,e basic chapters like nomenclature are completely scattered around the book ...
So you can use cengage it is also a great book


I have not seen many who use Cengage for the Chemistry, the aspirants who have used had positive feedback for it. But I would personally suggest you start with your Coaching notes if they are good because almost most of the important things including exceptions are said in the class itself later after the ncert you can go to any reference book. At the end you must be able to solve the problems of Organic, just see that you fulfil this criterion whichever book you choose.

I have both the books Cengage and Solomons, both the books are really good. Cengage is really good when it comes to the dpps and no of questions and solved examples. If you have a pdf of solomon then go for Cengage, you will be really benefited.

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Is Cengage better than the adapted version of Solomon?

Go for adapted version of solomon .. it contains pretty much everything required and hardly contains anything that’s out of the syllabus !

Thanks for your reply. I'll go for Adapted Version.
Once again thanks!

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Cengage for Organic Chemistry is fine. I never personally solved it much but the portions which I did were fine only not that great.
You can go for solving Himanshu Pandey as well as M.S. Chauhan books for question practicing. It had some very good questions (also I won't deny some questions are pretty straight forward too) but I did both of these books.
If you want books for consultation then you can go for Morrison Boyd or L.G.Wade or Solomons Fryhle or Paula Bruice. These books I wrote in order of preference according to me. I had read some or other part from them. And if you want to read Reaction Mechanisms then my only suggestion is go for Peter Sykes.

Still if you any doubt, feel free to ask.

All the Best!!!

Thanks for the reply

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