How is Advanced Problems in Algebra by Vikas Gupta?

I am looking for a book with good quality problems in Algebra. So can anyone tell how is the book ?


  1. Whether it's relevant for JEE Advanced.
  2. Does it have solutions ?
  3. Are there a good quantity of problems per chapter ?

Good book you can also use cengage algebra or arihant's algebra book

@Shwetanshu_2018 bhaiya please take a look.

I have heard Arihant's algebra book is irrelevant for JEE.

No i had followed in 11th it had relevent with jee

Cengage is the one that is most relevant, contains solutions, and has ample number of problems .

You could also go for the algebra book by Sameer Bansal,it's quite nice,and I find it more challenging than Vikas Gupta

Vikas Gupta is best at this point of time because it has less but quality questions . Cengage and Arihant have to many questions (classical one that you might have seen in some exam) . You have less time so go for vikas gupta . Yes , solutions are also available , you can buy it . According to me the questions are relevant to advanced and it has enough problem per chap.


Yes but some problems in the algebra book are way too difficult, being irrelevant to Advanced. The calculus book is the best IMO.

The blackbook has many question similar to Sameer Bansal and is more or less the level of JEE advanced.